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Challenger LE10



LE10 Two Post Lift » Specifications

This 2 post lift has the ideal lifting capacity for the strenuous needs of a full service facility. It also offers auto lift extensions to ensure higher profile vehicles can be lifted. Read the specifications of the LE10 2 post car lift to find out if it is right for your facility.



Technical Specs

Lift capacity ratings are based on loads equally distributed on all four arms. **Specifications are for Lift Model LE10 with optional accessory LE10EH2 column height extensions (Must order LE10 and LE10EH2 for new lift purchase or LE10EH2 for addition of 2´ height extension to an existing lift). 1 Rise Height is measured with telescoping screw pads in highest position. 2 Specifications are listed without rubber pad, for measurements with rubber pad add 1/4" (6mm). 3 Ceiling Height requirement may exceed 12' if column shimming is necessary.