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RKHD Power Rack



RKHD Power Rack

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Technical Specs

Pit Construction: Refer to Forms 5097-T and 5004-T
Minimum Concrete Spec.: 4 in. (102 mm) thick, 3000 PSI (20700 kPA) rating
New Floor Concrete Spec.: 6 in. (152 mm) thick, 3000 PSI (20700 kPA) rating

Pre-Installation Kit (Required before pouring pit.)

Pit Contractor Pre-Pack: None Available
Pit Edging: Field Fabricated / Purchased

Product Specification

Max. Axle Weight: 20,000 lbs. (9072 kg)
Rear Axle Jack Rail: Typically N/A, rails available for opt. jack tray
Track Width: (inside and outside width)
Fixed Runway, Typical Spacing
40 - 106 inches (1016 - 2692 mm)
Pit Depth (nominal) 24 or 30 inches (610 or 762 mm)

Adjustable Legs: (accomodates floor slope)
Max: 3 1/2 inches (89 mm) longer than nominal
Min: 2 1/4 inches (57 mm) shorter than nominal