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18K Hunter Alignment Rack $22,000



Four-post lifts provide the technology, safety and technology, with enticing features that make you wonder how your vehicle was ever serviced without them. Our four-post lifts are top of the range and offer exceptional versatility. Our state-of-the art lifts are engineered for maximum performance, featuring extraordinary control, safety and innovative hydraulic systems for improved productivity and prolonged operation even on the most demanding of vehicles.

18,000-lb Capacity

Inflation Station



Two Swing Air Jacks

Integrated Air Line Kit

Louvered Locks

Control Unit

Pins and Pulleys

Umbilical Covering

Open Front

Extra-Wide Runways

Two Movable Work Steps

Flush Slipplates

Louvered Ramps

Our four-post lifts have up to 18,000 lbs lifting capacity and they don't require multiple lifts.

Whether you own a small sedan or large truck, our industry leading four-post lifts have aligning capabilities which cover a wide range of different vehicle requirements.

Technical Specs