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Coats Rim Clamp 7065-EX $2,500

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Technical Specs

Ammco-Coats 7065EX Rim Clamp Tire Changer Features:
Robo-Armâ„¢ assists in top bead mounting for stiff sidewalls, low profiles, and runflats.
Pushes wheel down on stiff sidewall to assist in wheel clamping.
Presses tire sidewall down to help insert lift tool.
Holds bead in drop center position to help lift bead onto duckhead.
Holds tires in UP position to assist in second bead removal.
Manual bead roller holds tire bead down to lube both tire and wheel.
Model 7665AX includes inflation guard.
Ammco-Coats 7065EX Tire Machine Specifications:
Bead Loosening 7065X: Pedal Actuated
Bead Loosening System: Large 8 inch diameter carbon fiber, dual-action cylinder
Bead Seat Reservoir: 5.4 gallon tank with pressure relief valve
Clamping Range: Standard position - 10 inches to 17.5 inches external, 13 inches to 20 inches internal; Extended position - 14 inches to 21 inches external, 16 inches to 24 inches internal
Drive System Choices: U.S. made 1 hp, heavy duty motor designed specifically for tire changers, or air-drive motor with high torque at variable speeds
Handles steel, alloy, performance, and run-flat wheels
Inflation Gauge: Easily calibrated 0 to 60 psi, full-scale with protection to 200 psi, damage resistant Lexan faceplate
Inflation System: Foot controlled with standard patented pressure limiter
Mount/Demount equiped with plastic duckhead, robotic assist, and manual bead roller tool, (also included - stainless steel duckhead with booties)
Reservoir Gauge: Standard - 0 to 250 psi
Storage 7065X: On Tower
Thick Steel Tabletop: Curciform shape with cast cradle for perimeter wheel support
Tool Head Adjustment: Automatic lift with manual cam and manual horizontal setting
Water And Filter Lubrication: Standard with automatic drain and large capacity bowls
Wheel Clamping Method: Four self-centering, constant force clamping, powered by a single repairable carbon fiber cylinder
Wheel Protection: Quilted clamp sox, bead loosener shoe sock, and lift tool sock
Air Source (Air): 110 to 175 PSI, 5 HP compressor, 14 to 15 SCFM @ 150 PSI
Chassis Footprint: 49"W x 48"D x 76"H
Drive System: Air
Rim Diameter: 6" - 22" External; 8" - 24" Internal
Rim Width: 14" Maximum
Shipping Weight: 700 lbs.
Tire Diameter: 50" Maximum