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TC3900 and TC3700 Tire Changers



The TC3900 center-clamp tire changer features a standard bead press arm and leverless tool head to enhance ease-of-use and prevent damage to the tire and rim.


Hunter Engineering

Technical Specs

Power Requirements: 208-230V, 15A, 60Hz, 1 ph NEMA 20 amp plug, L6-20P
Shipping Weight:750 lbs (340 kg)
Air Supply Requirements: 115-145 psi (8-10 bar)
Shipping Weight with Wheel Lift: 875 lbs (397 kg)
Width: (W)48 in. (1,219 mm)
Height: (H)76 in. (1,930 mm)
Depth: (D)58 in. (1,473 mm)