Our Client Testimonials

Great Facility!

Thank you Harris Ellis. Our service facility is now fully functional with service equipment that we can depend on and leaving me fully confident that my employees are working with dependable and safe equipment.

Great Quality!

Our new four post lifts are great. I can't believe we waited this long to purchase this piece of equipment. Having so much access has been great when installing new exhaust systems.

Safety and Service!

Harris Ellis equipment has made buying our lifts very easy. The have increased our serviceability to our customers. I will be using them again.

Instruction & Training!

Thank you again for the through training that we received after buying from you. I am more confident that I can perform accurate results with our new Hunter equipment we purchased from you.



The benefits of having a service area with dependable, safe equipment are too numerous to state. Less downtime and knowing that your valuable service technicians are safe will give you the freedom to schedule more customers and increase your bottom line at the end of every service day.

Our Sales Team

Harris Ellis Equipment, Inc., a family owned, Distribution Company that sells automotive service equipment. We sell the highest quality products in the industry. We research our customers’ needs, make recommendations, order products, oversee installation of equipment and follow up with our customers’ questions and training needs so they may operate their equipment safely and efficiently.

Having knowledge of products we sell is what we do the best. This has allowed us to give our customers continued excellent customer service, which is the root of our business. We have proudly been in this business for over 30 years and look forward to the future with new innovative solutions for you and your service business. We have been able to service our customers for many years. “I have to believe it’s our reputation and trusted business relationships that has kept our customers coming back to us for new equipment and upgrades as their business grows” says Justin Ellis. Our customers range from large Dealerships with multiple manufacturing lines to Independent shops as well as home hobby enthusiast. All of our customers are important to us and are treated with the same attention and respect. We believe that today’s small customers are tomorrows’ giants.

With our new venture in web based sales and service, we believe that this will enhance our capabilities to serve you better. We will be able to keep you informed of new products that are available and used equipment opportunities you might be interested in. It is our hope that you will give us your thoughts and feedback of how we can do a better job now and in the future of how we can better serve you and your business.


Regardless of what your needs are or the size of your service area, we are here to serve you. Just give us a call today and see what we can provide to you to keep you and your business running efficiently and safe.  1-405-631-5533