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Pit Racks for Heavy-Duty Trucks and Buses

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Heavy-Duty Pit Racks

For Heavy-Duty Trucks and Buses


Hunter Engineering

Technical Specs

Model PF Site Specifications
Std. Pit Construction NO deep center, refer to Forms 752-T and 748-T
Tee Pit Construction Refer to Forms 3507-T and 748-T (Kit 20-869-1)
Minimum Concrete Spec. 6 in. (152 mm) thick, 3000 PSI (20700 kPA) rating

Pre-Installation Kits (Required before pouring pit.)

Optional 20 FT T-Pit* Kit 20-3107-1 (2 required for 20-869-2)
Optional +10 FT Jack Rail* Kit 20-3107-1 (1 required for each 20-1517-2)

Product Specification

Max. Front Axle Weight: 18,000 lbs. (8165 kg)

Rear Axle Jack Rail: Optional: Kit 20-869-1 (20 feet),
(Optional T-Pit)* Kit 20-1517-1 (additional 10 feet)
jack tray 11-637-1, HD pit jack 133-77-2

Work Beam: 100 tons (90 Mg)
Front Axle Track Width: Adjustable Pedestals and Runways
(inside and outside width) 48 -120 inches (1219 - 3048 mm)
Pit Depth: 58 inches (1473 mm)