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RX16 Scissor Lift Rack

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RX16 Scissor Lift

The RX16 Scissor Lift Rack has massive capacity with a small footprint. Complimenting the design are extra wide runways, best-in-class drive on height, class leading raised height, and two Swing Air Jacks.


Hunter Engineering

Technical Specs

Max. vehicle weight: 16,000 lbs. (7257 kg)
Max. lifting height: 76" (1930 mm)
Alignment Height: All lock positions
Lifting speed: 60 seconds
Lowering speed: 25 seconds
Tread width - Min inside: 40" (1016 mm)
Tread width - Max. outside: 92" (2337 mm)
Max. wheelbase - General Service: 187" (4749 mm)
Max. wheelbase - 2-wheel: 182" (4623 mm)
Max. wheelbase - 4-wheel: 158" (4013 mm)
Min. 4-wheel alignment: 88" (2235 mm)